The sneakerboot-concept

25.10.2011 / PRODUCTS

The new, strong statement on the “sneakerboot” concept features a vintaged coloured premium leather
upper with tone-on-tone tube nylon ankle, completed with leather laces.

A classic boot “evolved” through the mix of an ochre slightly polished heavy-leather and a brown waxed canvas,
a green slightly polished heavy-leather  and a beige waxed canvas and a beige heavy nubuck leather and a
light grey water-proof Limonta wool.

Who’s ready for winter?

VOLTA – AW 2010 – Boot from Volta Footwear on Vimeo.

Pioneering simplicity and surprising comfort

25.09.2011 / PRODUCTS

The Classic was the first, original Volta Footwear design, dated 2007. It was born like an innovative-yet-classic hybrid between sneakers and casual shoes. Something you had never seen before, but somehow you could feel familiar with. Ankle boots were not yet on their way back, but consumers were getting tired of wearing sporting footwear as well as bored about the same old “classic” brands’ alternatives. That is how Volta Classic entered the niche-market of indipendent retailers in a relatively fast and successful way, thanks to the forsight of this early mid-top design. Today’s footwear is prominently focussed on mid-cut, chukka boots with some casual evergreen design, inspired by 80s and 90s shoe-shapes. In this scenario, Volta Classic is still outstanding for its pioneering simplicity and surprising comfort, as well as easy to recognise among other casual footwear brands.

You can be sure it’s an original Volta Classic by the signature upper’s heel-patch, the quilted-nylon ribbed collar, and by a hand-stitched metal pin on the back featuring the symbol of the creative collective behind the brand, the Milan-based Twentyfourseven.
The new Volta footwear collection is now available at YOUR, as well for men as for women!