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Krakatau coats
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Techwear brand KRAKATAU was established in 1999 in St. Petersburg. The architectural approach in cuts, attention to details, daily perfectionism. subdued futuristic aesthetics, taking roots in the severe nordic climate, effortlessly matches any wardrobe. The brand represents a fresh vision of streetwear, filling it with functional elements and technological details, which for KRAKATAU is not…

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New brand PENN&INK
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It all started with a simple idea, sprouting from impressions formed in their youth. Their fathers and mothers taking off their suits and ties the moment they got home from work. Living their days in uncomfortable clothes: they knew that couldn’t be the meaning of this life. This inspiration formed the basis of their collection. Because a woman wearing a…

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I AM HENRY I. SIEGEL. Inspired by Hamburg, designed in Hamburg. Henry I. Siegel represents a rich history with the utmost knowledge, fits, fashion and affordable denim for modern men and women. The brand have always been at the forefront. It has stood at the base of a revolution which women went wearing denim in…

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Bella Dahl
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Designed in Los Angeles since 2010, Bella Dahl creates ultra-soft women’s essentials that pull influences from the laid-back, Southern California lifestyle. They take pride in the quality of their product, with each and every item being hand-dyed, treated and quality controlle in Los Angeles. Bella Dahl has evolved into a global brand known for its…

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NEW!! HYPERFLEX by Replay – The stretch denim revolution
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The main features of Replay Hyperflex are high elasticity, excellent fabric recovery and superior comfort. This means that Replay Hyperflex offers complete ease of motion, great shape retention – no sagging or deforming even after considerable wear, plus a luxurious feel. As for the fabric per se, Lycra comprises the corespun, Poly defines the middle,…

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JUST IN! Matinique
1000 560 Your-Antwerp

Matinique provides the modern man with the wardrobe to lead a confident and enjoyable life in the city. Fashionable collections blending formal and casual looks with high quality and affordability. This provides a modern style that enable men to express their individuality. With over 40 years of experience, Matinique is the urban man’s preferred brand. The designs are…

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New: Hysteria by Happy Socks
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Hysteria – the first lifestyle sock brand with a modern, fashion-conscious aesthetic. Elevate your everyday look with our collection of powerful accessories; uniquely designed to inspire you to build your outfit from the ground up. Spring/Summer 2018 From the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the ballrooms of the swinging 1950s, to your Spring/Summer 2018…

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New at our Beauty Dept! 2787
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2787 brings the ancient art of perfumery into the 21st century. Founded in 2016 – they stand for a new era of artistic perfumery by capturing the spirit of today’s lifestyle in unique blended scents and staying loyal to the standards of high-end traditional craftsmanship. Made in Barcelona. 27 87 is a tribute to today´s generation…

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