YOUR hairdresser

I think of myself as an easy-going, broad-minded, determined but slightly crazy individual. Before my job at YOUR, I worked in different salons with diverse styles and various clientele. Working with -and for all kind of people, resulted in the fact that I needed a break from all that and that I had refocus.

It has been more then three years now since i have started to work for YPS and time has flown by. Our motto at the store has always been to give the range of a department store with the service of a boutique. And aspecially that last part has been very important to me.I believe that going to the hairdresser used to be much more personal and therapeutical than it is in the present day and age. So coming to my little corner should be more than getting your hair cut. There are all these horror stories of people leaving salons with one more bad experience behind their belts.Not here , not if I can help it.

Some people immediately jump up in my chair when they visit the store, they tell me their problems and wishes, so I can work my magic. Others tend to be a little afraid to take that big important first step. Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite. The way I look is in no way a reflection of how your hair will look. I listen, suggest and ask for confirmation before we go buck wild.  You can come to me for a fresh cut, a new colour, or just a nice styling. I’m specialized in hair extensions too; I use high quality hair and a natural way of putting them in. If any of you have any kind of questions, please do not hesitate to call or visit me at YOUR. I will be here every day, except Tuesdays, that’s right I’m even here for you on Sundays!



CONTACT ME AT 03 33 77 110 or just email at

I only work with the best.