“I can resist anything but temptation.”

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The jewellery brand David & Martin was born out of a mutual interest in art, movies, fashion and nature. David Andersson and Martin Lasson met whilst studying at Konstfack in Stockholm and initially they began creating a collection of furniture.

After the success of their graduation project in 2003, which consisted of a crafted, fully furnished room complete with jewellery, they rapidly generated a loyal following. This culminated their first significant breakthrough, a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld Gallery. They also teamed up with Acne, Weekdays (H&M), NK, Colette in Paris, Absolut Spirits, the photographer Martin Vallin to mention a few.

David & Martin do not allow trends or fashions to infringe on their distinct philosophy that their pieces should remain timeless. All new collections are treated as a welcome addition to their existing work, a bit like work in progress or as an inspiring working archive.

In many cases the inspiration comes in the most peculiar forms and imagination. The “Chicken feet” collection was created after seeing a beautiful girl on a Shanghai subway munching deep fried chicken feet and simultaneously flicking through French Vogue.

We have these beauties in store, you’ll love them.

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