Straight out of London’s Shofolk

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Folk is a casual menswear brand born in 2001 in London, the footwear collection for men and women, followed in 2004.

Folk’s about making clean, honest understated garments with a meticulous eye for colour, fabric selection and design detail. We create simple everday clothing with subtle, innovative and sometimes playful detailing.

The footwear collection is designed by the same team and has the same ethos combining distinctive shapes with natural leathers to create functional yet stylish footwear. Production is limited to keep the quality levels high with a nice by product that their owners are unlikely to bump into someone wearing the same pair.

Inspirations cant be nailed down to specifics, ideas come from all over but mainly from what they see and hear each day in London. Shapes, colours and textures play a big part in what they do.

You can click herehere and here to view a collection videoclip or just come to the store to see for yourself!

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