The purest form of emotion

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Fragrance is the purest form of emotions and goes very deep in our inner self.

We smell and make associations. Fragrance can remind us of a beautiful romance,

a fantastic holiday and can make us feel comfortable and identity. It also can remind

us – even we are not aware of it – of very deep emotions and desire.

If you go back in time, try to figure out which scent you can connect to a happy association.

It can be the fragrance of your grandmother, a garden, a wooden fire, sunset, …

At YOUR Premium Store we try to translate the language of you personal fragrance story –

so we can offer a selection out of our outstanding premium fragrances that will suit you.

We offer the famous and prestigious Millésime’s of Creed, which celebrates this year its

250th birthay! We also carry the fragrance by Romano Ricci – better known as

“Juliette Has A Gun”, E. Coudray, Miller & Bertaux, Ulrich Lang, Costes, A Beautiful

Mind Series and Clean Perfumes which are inspired on a fabulous product: soap!

Scented Candles have always been the most easy and effective way to perfume your room

and house. We offer the candles of Costes, Ulrich Lang and since last week the magnificent collection of  “Cire Trudon”.

Pop in and indulge yourself by a personal fragrance consultation. I want to guide you through

our selection of fine fragrances to find out together which ones suits you.

It is not about sales, sales and sales. It is about you – the experience of smelling fragrances that are the reflection of your personality!

Hope to meet you soon!


YOUR Premium Fragrance Consultant

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