Me and Denim godfather Adriano (Goldschmied)

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Hi Folks,
I just got back from Los Angeles after a wonderful week!!
Not only did I meet Astrid Bryan!!!! in her pimped out chromed out Quinten Tarantino Kill Bill truck, no I also met Robin from Robin’s Jean and Michael cohen of Michael Stars…
I’ll drop some pics later on..
I also went to the guys of Johnson Motors inc. and had a seat on Steve McQueens’ original bike!! WOW!

But my most interesting meeting was with ‘the Godfather of denim’, Adriano.
I was really honoured that first he showed me around at the world’s largest flee-market in Pasadena around the enormous Rose Bowl stadium and
second that he took me to the laundry of GOLDSIGN just outside LA and showed me how a premium pair of jeans has to be made..
How impressed I was!!!!

I’d really like to share this with you so I’ll post lots of pictures about my experience later on…
Hope you’ll enjoy them as well!



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