Will this be THE fragrance of the summer again?

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Last year, Idole Eau de Toilette had a killer-season during summer. Will it set sail to the same level this summer?  If you use it, you will set the jungle on fire with a woody liqueur rich in scorching spices, as sweet as sugar cane, and as warm as leather.

The islanders drink rum and are massaged with balmy oils. I invite you, from the deck of a ship charged with precious woods, to contemplate the stars in the sky, resting your head on a soft leather bag that will be your only possession. A captivating feline creature with obsidian eyes revealed it to me just when I thought it was forgotten, or lost, or simply a dream… Only she could give fragrance to this new world called Lubin.

“From the shores of East Africa to the Sunda islands, from Zanzibar to Macassar, on the maritime spice routes, for centuries, nomadic people have set out, all sails to the wind, to face the storms… This bottle is the sail of a felucca, full with the swift sea breeze, taking away a wooden idol by night, the symbol of a nomadic people”.

Curious for more? Please be welcome at YOUR Fragrance Department while our Fragrance Expert Wim sweeps you away with this amazing scent of Idole.

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