La Vita Extra Vierge

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YOUR premium store and POPcph contributed to a really nice project called ‘La Vita Extra Vierge‘.

This fictional story presents you a ‘lovestory gone bad’ and the aftermath, a clash of opinions and break loose from the regional authentic life in South Italy to follow a dream and make it in the biggest city of the North, Milano.

For this story Marisa Papen & Piet Grouwels crossed Europe by car for a 3week-journey around Italy. They started in Venice to go down all the way to Puglia and Calabria, the most southern parts of the country… and back. ‘Nothing comes easily’ is a known expression, but their journey became by far the most challenging quest they ever undertook. Total carfailure and hours of negotiations with southern Italian mechanics who never heard of any other language than Italian…. At times they were wondering if their campagne had to be canceled. They refused to, couldn’t accept that. And they kept on going, whatever challenge they were confronted with.
It took energy and effort, improvisation at times…
BUT the results of this campaign are worth all the trouble.

Click here for all pictures & complete story.
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