Driven by a wandering inspiration.

940 627 Your-Antwerp

Sessùn moves ever onwards driven by a wandering inspiration; it takes us by the hand and reminds us that we love fashion when it tells us about lots of other things too, without worrying about the coming trends and compulsory routines.

It was when Emma François came into contact with people who weave, embroider, sew and make things, drawing unquestioningly on a heritage of techniques and know-how, that she finally understood what she had to do and found her own way.

There are so many other things, some of them insignificant and some essential, which dictate Emma François’ inspiration – it could be a range of colours, a story, a film or a record sleeve. This is how a Sessùn collection comes together, out of almost nothing.

This collection was influenced by the attitude of inspirational female singer-songwriters such as Bat For Lashes, Coco Rosie and The Do, the way they invent things, mixing ethnic, second-hand clothing with more up-to-date pieces.

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