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In an era where smart technology dominates time management, RENARD offers elegant, analogue timepieces for your consideration. Watches are by far the most ubiquitous accessories, as they continue to adapt and move with us. They have come to signify our tribe, attitude and our social status. RENARD – or fox in French – is a graceful, wild and alluring creature, which the Celts believed to be a guide and is seen as a sign for longevity in Japan. Therefore, this animal perfectly embodies the spirit of their collection of watches.

The Elite Collection

Their designs take styling inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s, resulting in a classic and charismatic interpretation on time keeping named The Elite collection. The Elite collection, a sophisticated combination of unisex styles, consists out of perfect timepieces for every occasion. RENARD is without a doubt the perfect companion. With vertically brushed dials and slightly domed glass resting over a classic face, the watches have a minimalist aesthetic that speaks to everyone with a sense of timeless design. Natural fusions of modern and traditional elements are present in every piece. It is simple sophistication that only a premium brand can deliver. At RENARD, they strive for perfection and they are proud of every watch.

Now it is time to share their passion for watches with you. They hope you enjoy their companions as much as they do.

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