It’s getting colder..

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Wow, it’s getting colder quickly so make sure to get a pair of gloves -made by the Danish-Dutch fashion company Royal Republiq- soon!

Royal Republiq creates unique leather products that respect the past but work in the present – real craftsmanship where the products age with grace. The company is proud of its Scandinavian roots that are still visible in each product: strong and silent designs, where simplicity is the key.

The company takes pride in working with true craftsmen, who share their eye for details, but also show their love for the material, form and function. As they explain: “Our creations take off in a profound passion for natural and long-lasting materials, combined with a deep respect for good craftsmanship.” And unlike some other companies, Royal Republiq makes sure its products are produced sustainably and under a specific code of conduct. So basically, there’s nothing keeping you from treating yourself to a beautiful pair of gloves!

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