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The collection of Ruby Tuesday is about those iconic pieces that complement your wardrobe.

We would like to introduce you to the guy behind Ruby Tuesday; Twan van de Laar.
Spreading its love since 2011, Ruby Tuesday is a fresh concept label based in the Netherlands. While it still has a young presence on the fashion scene, Ruby Tuesday brings forth an authentic yet accessible look, which can be best described as effortlessly chic and transparently timeless.

So Twan, give us a little introduction about YOURself.
Well it’s not just me. We’re actually 2 lovebirds that started in fashion industry on a very young age. I grew up with Levi’s because my old man had a jeans shop and that’s how I fell in love with the storytelling part. Sanne (the other half of Ruby Tuesday) is the creative one. We travelled all over the world together and have 3 little girls in da house.
sounds like an awesome dad right?

About the brand Ruby Tuesday.. when did it start and how has the company evolved within the past few years?
It started while we were agents for some cool fashion brands. We really wanted to create our own little story and that’s why we founded Ruby Tuesday, named after the Rolling Stones’ iconic 1967 track. We believe that the clothes should not overshadow the personality of who is wearing them. We like to keep the Ruby Tuesday pieces basic, so they are perfectly capable to mingle in a closet of designer brands.

Was it love at first sight between Ruby Tuesday and YOUR?
It all started when the Guv’nor (Jorrit, red.) and I became friends a few years ago.. We had a a chat for a few hours talking about everything except fashion. Yet we found out that we shared a vision and so we decided to join forces.

Why would you recommend YOUR to your friends, family or colleagues?
It’s the whole package.. The espresso, cool books, gadgets and the always friendly staff. Every time I get the feeling that I’ve entered a shop in meatpacking district NY.

What can we expect in the future? Can you give us a scoop?

We’ll be going global! And yeah.. we always open unexpected doors, so you should definitely keep an eye on us!

Thanks for YOUR time Twan, see you again soon!

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