The Goggle Jacket

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C.P. Company, a company aiming to revolutionise casual wear adopting a technical approach never considered by any other players of the industry so far.

The Goggle Jacket takes shape in 1988 as a result of a cognitive process and of the accumulation of competences gained on field through years of research and experimentations. A jacket thought to guarantee comfort and the best functionality for the user, ready to face any adventure. The first model was produced in very few samples during Spring-Summer of 1988. The lenses, that would become the symbol of this jacket, were positioned on the collar and the fabric used was corn cotton, created with a white warp and a cob-green weave. The idea of positioning the lenses on the collar came from the jackets worn by Japanese military guards, designed to offer a complete protection against wind and atmospheric agents.

Massimo Osti, inventor and creative talent at C.P. Company, has always looked at military equipment considering it the field with the highest degree of technical evolution applied to clothing. For Massimo it was a matter of turning the practicality and functionality of military clothes into products meant for everyday use. This leitmotif can be found in the Goggle jacket, full expression of functionality and comfort designed for male outerwear. In 1988 C.P. chose to follow developing systems for their products which were completely new in the fashion and clothing industry. Like in a laboratory, chemical processes to make cotton, wool and linen waterproof were experimented. The suppliers themselves would need to revise their manufactory processes in order to meet the extremely demanding C.P. Company’s requests. The fabric manufacturing processes are revolutionised and turned into continuous experimental systems. Fabrics are rubberised, spread, resin-coated, vitrified. The results are called “50 threads”, “Rubber Wool” and “Rubber Flax”. The “50 threads” represents the most representative fabric of the whole C.P. Company collection: the eureka moment was creating a nylon weave with a cotton warp. The cotton warp contributes to give fabric texture and mass, while the nylon weave gives endurance and a technical nature.

With the Rubber Flax, the rubberised spread turns a traditional summer fabric like linen into a waterproof and windproof sporty material suitable for any season. A revolution marked by technique and performance. The jacket -with numerous pockets to be filled with maps and all the necessary equipment and the goggles on the waterproof hood- seems to be the perfect item for Grand Prix racers ready to drive up and down the roads of Italy.
The Goggle Jacket is created.
A product capable of seducing collectors who enthusiastically wear it during the phases of the race. Worn by those with a passion for mechanics. They are noticing what the result of commitment and the attention for technique and performance is.

Since then, Goggle jacket has always been the expression of research, design and elegance. Go check it out at our Male Fashion Department!

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