New Buddha to Buddha additions

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Taking craftsmanship to the next level. Minute details never been seen before in the collection. Rich materials and specialist finishings. A collection which stands on its own yet blends seamlessly into the existing iconic product palette that has been successful for so many years.

Although having established a name in the market of creating iconic evergreens, the team of designers of Buddha to Buddha also looks out for latest trends and cross-overs between luxury goods and fashion. New family members are the delicate Barbara, the bold Francis and the iconic David. Look out for the fine details of craftsmanship incorporated in these 925 sterling silver fledglings as their masters of art in their Bali atelier gave yet again their best to surprise you with true passion.

David bracelet and ring
Renowned for centuries, this chain in a triangle wire shape has been bend to give it a more intense look and feel. A true royal result and a completely new addition to the Buddha to Buddha family.

Francis bracelet & ring
Sisters look alike but are different. The Francis has a clear resemblance to her sister Nathalie through the combination of two different links, but with bolder and more feminine characteristics, Francis developed her own, different look.

Barbara bracelet
Possibly the most delicate piece in the Buddha to Buddha collection, this bracelet is remarkably strong and already an icon on its own. Borders of refined jewellery-making have been looked up, visible in the very detailed finishings. The squared shape makes the bracelet unexpected straight and strong.

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