TOMS, #onedaywithoutshoes

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#withoutshoes — it’s tradition!

At TOMS they believe in creating a world where we live for one, another.
This year, on #onedaywithoutshoes, they’re honoring your commitment to raising awareness for children’s health & education. With your support today, they’ll be one step closer to improving the lives of 100.000 kids in 10 countries. Thank you!

1. Kick off your Toms.
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing: snap a photo of your feet #withoutshoes or your TOMS.

2. Post to Instagram.
Your photo will count toward giving 100,000 new pairs of shoes to children in 10 countries. Remember to tag your photo #withoutshoes so Toms can count your post.

3. Go a step further.
Tag your friends to join the movement and help Toms get even closer to their goal. Thanks for keeping the giving going!


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