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J.LEGACEE creates high quality footwear, without losing sight of functionality and comfort. To ensure this high level of quality, all of their products are produced in Portugal and are made with fine leather fabrics.

J.LEGACEE was established in 2017, by Jeremy Bruno and Jeffrey Platteel.
Jeremy Bruno has been professionally designing and developing products for multiple brands, since he graduated with honors from the art academy in 2009.
Jeffrey Platteel is a respected sales and brand manager in the fashion and footwear industry. He is experienced in developing strategies and structures to improve overall business and product line success for international brands.
Jeremy and Jeffrey’s paths first crossed in 2014, while working together extensively on a different venture. During this professional collaboration, they not only recognized and respected each other’s skills, but also developed a strong friendship.

Having a lot in common, combined with their similar professional goals and dreams, fueled the drive to build their own brand and leave a legacy. They aptly named their brand J.LEGACEE. The J. stands for Jay, a unisex name that means ‘victorious’ and which reflects the strong winner’s mentality that both founders posses.

“By creating high quality products that represent the perfect balance between function, style, comfort and attitude, J.LEGACEE aims to leave their mark in street culture”.

To leave a legacy, is to leave something meaningful behind.
To be remembered for what you created and to be an inspiration for those who dare to chase their dreams.

J.LEGACEE aims to leave their mark in street culture by creating unique products while respecting function, comfort, attitude and style. J.LEGACEE puts quality over quantity and has a strong focus, which is reflected in their product lines.

The two founders of J.LEGACEE both grew up in the 90’s and share a love for hip-hop culture. It is in this culture where you can create something unique by sampling, mixing and mastering different styles. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone has its own identity and style.

J.LEGACEE has found and embraced its identity, using it as an inspiration to excel at everything they do.

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