Carl & Johan tattoo care

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Carl & Johan is a personal story. Because tattoos always are. The brand name is the confluence of two passionate cofounders with one shared mission: bringing lifelong solutions to everyone who cares about tattoos.

Carl is the restless out-of-the box rebel with a commercial background in premium quality cars. Johan is the pharmacist on a mission, always looking for new solutions and natural products.

Carl & Johan met each other at a charity event. Ever since the two creative minds started talking, their dialogue has never stopped. Emotionally hooked, Carl began working with rational arguments to improve their business plan. While Johan, with his scientific background, has been focussing on improving their pharmaceutical products.

A nonstop joyride of day and night working, developing, thinking, rethinking, solving problems, confronting obstacles, testing, ameliorating and so much more. But these two intense years of growing enthusiasm have resulted in the organic and natural skin care line that Carl & Johan had envisioned from day one.

From now on, Carl & Johan is your personal story. It’s about preserving and protecting your finest and deepest memories, expressions and beliefs, inked on your skin. So let’s cherish your memories, nourish your skin and make your artwork last forever.

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