NEW IN STORE: the new Buddha to Buddha Ellen Stone set

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We have some good news to share with you guys! On February 8th the new Buddha to Buddha Ellen stone set will be launched, and we’ll have it in store next week. Isn’t that good news to start the weekend? 

Buddha to Buddha jewellery is made in Bali, where it’s been hand made in a long and detailed process. It takes at least 72 hours to make a Buddha to Buddha jewellery piece that’s made from solid sterling silver. And only after it had been inspected and labeled as absolutely perfect, it will brought to the market. Each item is one of a kind!

Ellen Stone set

The Buddha to Buddha Ellen bracelet already existed and it’s one of the more subtle bracelets in the collection. But now they have a new set, the Buddha to Buddha Ellen Stone set. It will be in store next week, so come and have a look!





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