SINGLE AWARENESS DAY: presents to celebrate your happy single self

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Yesterday it was Valentine’s Day and today it’s a day to celebrate all those happy, or less happy, singles on Single Awareness Day. At YOUR we have lots of stuff you can buy for your happy, single and ready to mingle -self! So if you need some cheering up, or just wanna give yourself some love, we’ve got you covered!


Beige jacket from O.P.D.V.
Our new collection is in store and it’s so colorful and has all the spring vibes we’re looking for!

Fancy gin from HAVN
Buy some gin to drink with your friends or just by yourself on this Friday night. We also have matching glasses in store!

Pyro Pet candle
If you rather stay in this evening with some snacks and wine, you definitely need candles. This Pyro Pet candle looks pretty in your interior and gives you the coziness you need.

Sweater from Henry I Siegel
Fresh from our new collection is this awesome HIS sweater for men. Perfect for going out with your friends!

Pretty purse
We have these purses in the prettiest colors. They’re small, handy and stylish. Just how we like it.

Cozy knits from Maison Anje
Maison Anje always has the coziest sweaters in beautiful pastel colors. They’re perfect for these cold sunny mornings.

New sneakers from Copenhagen Footwear
Shoes, shoes, shoes! Isn’t it something every girl gets happy about? We have some pretty pastel colors in our new collection from Copenhagen Footwear.

Handy backpacks from Douchebag
Going on a solo trip? Or just in need of a handy and pretty backpack? We’ve got Douchebags in all sizes and colors. Come check them out!

A vintage phone from Wild & Wolf
Why not use a vintage phone instead of your cellphone? It’s original, pretty in your interior and you can call aaall your friends pretending you’re in a seventies movie. Do we need to say more?

Some make-up and skincare from go as u.r
Some well deserved me-time with the skincare products from go as u.r. Going out? Then you can use the make-up. They have bright colors to color up your life!

A wall print of your favorite city from WIJCK.
A must have for your interior, a print of your favorite city, neighborhood, street of building from WIJCK. It’s printed on vintage paper and available in five different sizes.

A whole new outfit so you can shine this weekend!
Visit our shop and see the new collection with your own eyes. It’s full of colors and lots of spring vibes! See you soon!

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