NEW IN STORE: the design products that make your life easier from Magisso

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Yay, we’ve got something new in store! And this time it isn’t a new clothing or shoe brand, but a design brand Magisso. They make design lifestyle and pet products to make your life much easier. Come and discover their collection at YOUR!

The story of Magisso started in 2008 with two guys, Juhani and Anssi. They wanted to start an international design company, with no prior knowledge of or experience in either design or international business. They did have a burning passion to solve stupid everyday problems and make life easier. For example, one puzzle that the guys constantly discussed was ‘where on earth can you place your dish cloth?’.

So that’s we they invented a lot of beautiful items that make life easier. And not only for yourself, but also for your favorite animal! They have a petcollection too. You can check it all out in our store!


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