Get lucky with the lucky cats from Donkey Products and much more

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We were all sooo happy when the boxes from Donkey Products arrived in store! Lucky cats, pretty plates, interior stuff, key chains, bottle openers is weird chapes, big pencils, ice lolly sponges… And much more! We want it all. And we guess if you see their stuff, you will want it too! 

At Donkey Products they find all gifts very important. That’s why they look for new innovative ideas with love, insight and passion. Whenever you give a donkey present, you will enjoy the delight of giving. They have great attention to detail and get their inspiration from all over the world.

Their founder, Florian Berger, started Donkey Products in 2008. He’s full of passion about original gifts and this is also what he shares with the whole Donkey family. A small team works in the Donkey Creative Lab to develop small gift ideas.

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