LUXURIOUS, OVERSIZED & RELAXED: discover our new brand Lor by Laure

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LOR is a unique and unisex brand from Antwerp. Laure designs her t-shirts and sweaters all by herself. They’re 100% cotton and are produced in small quantities in Portugal and Turkey.

Marble tee

The new Marble tee is a dirty pink t-shirt with a ton-sur-ton metallic marble print that Laure has drawn herself. For the fitting she also consulted her boyfriend’s wardrobe. Because nothing is more comfy than the oversized tee of your BF – right? Dirty pink – oversized – marble are the absolute keywords here!

PintaLor Tee

The PintaLor tee is a white t-shirt with a black velvet print. She got the inspiration from herself. Laure used to go to drawing school and still paints to express her creativity. She didn’t have to look much further!

Lor by Laure is exclusive for sale at YOUR!

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