TATTOO CARE: these Carl & Johan products are Lisa’s favorites

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The best products to take care of your tattoos, are by far the products from Carl & Johan. They’re a Belgian brand and they’re vegan, win-win am I right? It’s about preserving and protecting your…

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Carl & Johan tattoo care

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Carl & Johan is a personal story. Because tattoos always are. The brand name is the confluence of two passionate cofounders with one shared mission: bringing lifelong solutions to everyone who cares about tattoos. Carl is…

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Sustainable and vegan.

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Go as u.r. Sustainable on-the-go fashion and vegan, natural beauty products for girls with an active, transitional lifestyle. Go as u.r translates colours, movement and expression into powerful simplicity and freedom. They create simple yet powerful shapes and…

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Tangent GC

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Organic care for the precious. Tangent GC specialises in eco-friendly garment, shoe and skin care. Come give them a try in our store or shop them online right now! SHOP ONLINE HERE!

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Zenology restocked!

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Bringing hotel luxury home, by making sensible, luxurious, quality lifestyle products. Glam up an interior or yourself. Zenology is now restocked in 1000ml + 50ml. ICONIC PRODUCT: the Ambiance Trigger was designed originally to apply…

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(MALIN+GOETZ) now available!

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New at our Beauty Department: (MALIN+GOETZ) (MALIN+GOETZ) is founded by Matthew Malin & Andrew Goetz. Matthew started his career in the Executive Training Program at Saks Fifth Avenue following university in 1991. Afterwards he worked for…

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NUORI, the brand new addition to our Beauty Department. Nuori took on the challenge no one else would and built a business around fresh. THE TRUTH ABOUT SHELF LIFE Today most skincare products are formulated…

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New at YOUR; Féret Parfumeur

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New at YOUR beauty department, products from Féret Parfumeur. BLOC HYALIN, unlike other stones, has always benefitted from a long and complex process of purification. Alum potassium premium 100% natural, of which Bloc Hyalin is…

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New in; Zenology

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ZENOLOGY is an indie lifestyle company committed to bringing hotel luxury home, making sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products that nourish the skin, restore the body, glam up an interior or yourself, all with…

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Slippery Slick Rick

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New from PIMP amsterdam. He is a Genius. He is insanely Slippery & extremely Slick. Meet Slippery Slick Rick. Peppermint | Shine | Water soluble Good hold on dry hair, lighter hold on towel dried…

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