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It's fluffy and warm.
533 400 Your-Antwerp

Are you just that bit too cold than you want to be? Drop by, because we have a lot of lovely, warm and fluffy clothes in store to keep you warm during winter.

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A woman's guide…
682 1024 Your-Antwerp

Speaks for itself. A hilarious guide to good porn for women.

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Funky supermarket bag
300 400 Your-Antwerp

How bagladies came about. In Australia, where Bag Ladies is based, and in many other places around the world, the supermarket plastic bag is slowly on its way out. Alternatives so far are usually bright green reusable bags which are extremely handy but incredibly ugly! Not to mention there are so many sold these days…

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Emma Gelaude’s Impact
682 1024 Your-Antwerp

Emma Styling Concepts is an innovative company from Ghent that was founded by Emma Gelaude in 2007. They specialize in personal styling/personal shopping. They also made a book that has a lot of style-advice in it. Be sure to check it out at the store. Emma Gelaude’s profile on

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Must have books.
1024 682 Your-Antwerp

Newly added to the bookstore. Just because these books are amazing.

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We are YOUR December issue
532 400 Your-Antwerp

Hi folks! The List’s newspaper magazine PULP has powered a special YOUR premium store December issue. We’re giving them away FOR FREE! If you haven’t got one from someone of our staff in the streets, come and get one in store! You can read it while relaxing in our supercosy Chesterfield sofa while having a…

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All the cards are laid.
560 373 Your-Antwerp

Time to flip them over and find matching pairs! Test YOUR memory with all kinds of memory games. Fun guaranteed!

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Folk is in Take 5
360 482 Your-Antwerp

Erik has got Andre’s jorrit has got Andre’s And Fraser….. You don’t know him, but in London people call him sir Andre, also wears his Andre’s tonight… We’re in Take 5, come and show us yours!!!!! Cheers Jorrit

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