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HATS HATS HATS: we love all the new Brixton items
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Sun’s out and so are the new Brixton hats in store! We have all kinds of colors and sizes: berets, caps, beanies and fedoras. Come and find YOUR favorite one! Brixton was founded in 2004 and is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. A perfect match with…

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NEW BRAND: Colorful Standard is here to color up your life
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We have a new brand in store! Colorful standard is a unisex brand with a lot of sweaters and t-shirts in different colors. Colorful is our favorite color All garments are made of 100% organic cotton and produced in Portugal. The organic cotton is garment dyed. Which means the dyeing is performed on the finished garments – the color is…

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YAY: lots of new shoes at YOUR from Garment Project
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Our store is filled with new shoes! The iconic dad sneaker is now even prettier in pastel colors. Pink, blue, beige.. You name it! We also have some very nice sandals in store, to get totally ready for summer! Garment Project Garment Project is a new brand with the need to design casual sneakers that offer…

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NOW IN STORE: the new Herschel nova backpacks in eight different colors
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Yes, the new Herschel nova backpacks are here! Right in time for all the roadtrips, bikerides, dates, picknicks… You can find them in mini or medium size and we have them in eight different colors! They have a handy carrying handle, a place for your water bottle and slender shoulder straps. Come check them out…

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SINGLE AWARENESS DAY: presents to celebrate your happy single self
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Yesterday it was Valentine’s Day and today it’s a day to celebrate all those happy, or less happy, singles on Single Awareness Day. At YOUR we have lots of stuff you can buy for your happy, single and ready to mingle -self! So if you need some cheering up, or just wanna give yourself some…

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HOW TO: the right way to assemble and hang up your IXXI
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At YOUR we sell beautiful wall decorations from IXXI. This high-quality wall decoration consists cards and connectors to assemble and hang up your IXXI on the wall you like. We have endless possibilities in colors and images, shape and size. HOW TO Have you recently bought an IXXI? But you’re struggeling how to assemble and hang…

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NEW IN STORE: the new Buddha to Buddha Ellen Stone set
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We have some good news to share with you guys! On February 8th the new Buddha to Buddha Ellen stone set will be launched, and we’ll have it in store next week. Isn’t that good news to start the weekend?  Buddha to Buddha jewellery is made in Bali, where it’s been hand made in a…

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Carl & Johan tattoo care
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Carl & Johan is a personal story. Because tattoos always are. The brand name is the confluence of two passionate cofounders with one shared mission: bringing lifelong solutions to everyone who cares about tattoos. Carl is the restless out-of-the box rebel with a commercial background in premium quality cars. Johan is the pharmacist on a mission,…

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